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Angry Orange? Oh my has been a lifesaver!

Angry Orange fan Rebecca C. and her daughter like to raise dogs for the blind 
and it I hear they’ve been talking about us.
Hi Adam, 
So funny, we have been talking about this product all day, in a very good way! :)
My daughter and I volunteer and raise dogs for Leader Dogs for the Blind, and as we puppy raise/housebreak, you can imagine there are accidents to clean up for a while, and it smells that way. We also recently were privileged to be the host home to one of their Breeding Stock Moms, and so we whelp/birth puppies 2x a year, and 10 pups who are going inside on papers....yeah, it does not smell wonderful in here a lot! :) And then if that weren't enough, we foster cats (did I tell you my daughter is a Vet Tech student, so we also care for hospice patients, so....yeah, we need a cleaner that is strong, powerful, and natural.
We also have had black mold poisoning in the house, so it consistently is a mildew-esque tendency. There is no product I have tried, and I have tried a TON, that can get out both the really strong animal, and the other smells, from the house for longer than an hour or two, they just mask it only. We have had problems with animals marking, and even the top of the line urine remover did not work.
But Angry Orange? Oh my has been a lifesaver! Stopped the marking, took the urine/feces pup smell away, made the house smell fresh and clean, so much so that the company clamoring to see puppies coming over, will remark at how good our house smells. We don't have to worry about short notice, we just clean the surfaces with the product and we're ready!
My daughter nannies, and her employer has a dog marking everywhere, and she can't find a product that works, so of course we shared our experience with her and told her where to buy it, and she says she's placing an order ASAP, so you will have another satisfied customer! Also, we are burning through ours so quickly so we will be ordering more right away, too. We plan to share this with our Local Leader Dog Raisers class, too, for their benefit. You may have a plethora of orders headed your way!
I will definitely spread the word, and add a review for you.
Thank you so much for this great product!
Rebecca Cobb

Rebecca and her daughter obviously care deeply about pets and also other people.

We feel honored that she took the time out to write in as well as referred us to others , it means a lot.

Our product works - not just for pet odors but for dozens of other uses around the home.

Let us know how you use your Angry Orange