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Cat Who Lost Hind Legs is Given a New Pair of Bionic Legs

A kitty from Bulgaria became the first cat in Eastern Europe to ever receive a pair of bionic hind legs.

The black and white cat was found in a small village in North Bulgaria one day last April with severely crushed hind legs. They suspected that he was run over by a passing car or train.

When they brought him to the Vet Clinic, they weren't able to salvage his legs despite all the efforts put into saving them. Without the two hind limbs, he wouldn't be able to jump or run normally, but the vets refused to let the quality of his life go down the drain.

Veterinary surgeon Vladislav Zlatinov decided to give the cat a pair of ITAP prosthetic legs that would allow him to walk on all fours. The vet fitted the kitty with two tiny polymer-and-rubber paws mounted on titanium stems.

After his final graft, the cat took his first steps a month later. It was quite a success. "His condition is more than satisfactory. There might be some clumsiness but he can walk, jump and run," the surgeon  said.

The method has enormous advantages over standard external prosthesis in animals that require daily maintenance by the owner and often cause complications. With ITAP, all these drawbacks are avoided.

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