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Common signs that could indicate your dog is in pain.

Here are some common signs that could indicate your dog is in pain. 

Excessive Grooming 

Do you notice that they lick and lick at a specific area? Excessive grooming often happens to help soothe that particular spot. It’s natural instinct to ‘clean’ the wound or area. 

Excessive Panting 

Panting often happens on a hot day or after they have been running around. It’s their way of regulating body temperature. Excessive panting is often associated with stress. Ever notice your dog panting when sitting at the vet? It’s their way of trying to alleviate the stress. 


Can’t seem to relax? Always moving around from one spot to another? Restlessness can be a sign of pain, whether it be an internal or external injury. 


One of the most common signs your dog is in pain is inappetence, not eating or drinking. Having a lack of appetite can mean many things, upset stomach from eating something they shouldn’t to other internal injuries. 

Eating Grass 

Also, a common sign your dog is in pain is when they start eating grass. This often happens when they need to vomit. Having an upset stomach or digestive issues, dogs have a natural instinct to eat grass as the grass will help them vomit and or poop. 

If you suspect your dog is in pain, and it seems to last more than 24 hours, it’s always a good idea to get them checked out by your vet.