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Tips to help tire out your high energy dog.

Here are a few tips to help tire out your high energy dog. 

Play fetch  Bring a tennis ball or retrieving dummy and chuck it for him 10 to 20 minutes of time . Not only will he get more exercise, but he will feel even more of a bond with you. 

Take him for a swim Going for a dip is great exercise, and most dogs love the water. It’s also perfect for  dogs who want to exercise more than they are able. 

Play tug of war Lots of dogs love to play tug. You can use a rope toy from the toy shop, or even an old towel. If he seems disinclined at the start, try wiggling it around on the floor and coaxing him into it. He probably won’t need a lot of encouragement! 

Remember to always give your dog some time to wind down after vigorous play. A slow walk will usually help calm your dog and allow them to become more relaxed and less high strung.