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Welcome to Angry Orange. Our odor eliminating technology attacks odors and germs on contact so you can rest assured that the odors are GONE, not simply masked. Made out of natural, safe, FDA approved ingredients and manufactured in the USA, your Angry Orange product is a purchase you can be proud of. 


We went from having a big Ohio yard to a small postage stamp sized South Florida yard. Our Chesapeake Bay Retriever goes in a grassy area that’s close to our pool also.

Actually this problem is kind of how Angry Orange came about. We had tried several products from the pet store, Lowes, and Home Depot but nothing really seemed to work. 

I happened to run across the commercial version of Angry Orange, which was originally developed for agriculture applications and also farming such as turkey farms where odor can be a huge problem. As you can imagine, these applications have to be plant friendly , safe and non toxic.

I knew this would be a great product for consumers also so we struck an agreement and launched Angry Orange.