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Q. Where is this made?
A. All of our Angry Orange products are proudly made and packaged in the USA and meet or exceed industry standards.

Q. Is this product toxic?
A. Angry Orange is a non-toxic cold press custom formula derived from the oil found in orange peels. And It is biodegradable. FDA-GRAS approved.

Q. Is Angry Orange available in stores?
A. Angry Orange is only available online. We do not sell on Ebay, and we do not sell our products to anyone for resale on Ebay or any retail or online stores. 

Q. Can I purchase Angry Orange wholesale for my business?
A. We do not sell our products wholesale. Angry Orange is only marketed by Green Tree Life Science online. We do not sell our products to anyone for resale or to any retail or online stores.

Q. Is Angry Orange available in other countries?
A. Angry Orange is currently only available in the United States. At this time we do not sell or ship to any countries outside the USA.

Q. Can I mix or combine Angry Orange with other cleaning products?
ANO, never mix Angry Orange with any other products. Only mix Angry Orange with water as directed.

Q. Can I use Angry Orange in my carpet cleaning machine?
A. Angry Orange is a not recommended for use in any carpet cleaners or cleaning machines
Use your carpet cleaner as normal, then use the Angry Orange mixture in your spray bottle, after cleaning to give you the best results. 

Q. How do I use this product on carpet? 
A. Use the standard recommended ratio of 16/1 or 2 ounces of Angry Orange in a 32 oz spray bottle, and fill the rest with water. spray solution on soiled area , let stand for a few minutes and blot dry with a clean cloth.

Q. Can I use Angry Orange on Laundry or in my Washing Machine?
A. Yes Angry Orange can be used on laundry. Spray it on your laundry as a pre treatment before putting it in the machine. Angry Orange is a not recommended for use in any washing machines. Do not use in place of or mix with laundry detergents. (I like to finely mist my clothes with Angry Orange spray,when they just come out of the dryer). 

Q. Will it work on concrete?
A. Yes. Mix according to the directions and then apply to the desired area. For larger areas you may want to use a 1 gallon sprayer. You can also work it into the concrete with a deck brush or bristle broom. Let it sit for as long as possible , concrete is very porous and you may need to get it down into the pores , depending how soiled the surface is. Repeat as necessary.

Q. How much solution does one 8 oz. bottle make?
A. (4) 32oz spray bottles or 1 gallon. You may even make more solution depending on the application. This is a huge value when compared to our competitors who charge $19.97 per 32 oz. bottle of pre-mixed solution.

Q. Can I use this on my yard/lawn ?
A. Absolutely. Angry Orange was originally created for use in in commercial agriculture. You can use a 1 gallon sprayer or some people like to use a sprayer that attaches to a hose.

Q. Is Angry Orange available in a larger size?
Angry Orange is currently only available in the 8oz. concentrate bottle. If you need more please order our 4pack or 6pack

Q. Is the concentrate product different from the Bio Enzymatic odor eliminator?

A. Yes. Angry Orange is a cleaner and odor remover made from orange peels and it has a great citrus smell and excellent cleaning properties.

The Bio Enzymatic odor eliminator is a enzyme specifically formulated to eliminate urine, pet stains, and pet odors. If you need to remove urine, vomit, or pet stains follow these directions; Use the Bio Enzymatic product, then a couple days later use the Angry Orange concentrate.

Do not use them together at the same time, They will counter act with each other and not be as effective.

Q. Can I use Angry Orange in the Kitchen?
A. Angry Orange is a non-toxic, biodegradable, and FDA-GRAS approved. We like to use it to clean the microwave, stove top, oven, can opener, toaster, and even the fridge. Angry Orange has great grease dissolving capabilities so it works very well in the kitchen. ( common sense; you should avoid using Angry Orange on surfaces that come in direct contact with food ) (example : eating utensils, dishes, pots & pans, cutting boards...)

Q. What is your return / refund policy?